Saturday, November 10, 2012

The transition from a crib to toddler bed was a bit difficult for me since I had some emotional attachment. He was officially my last child (after 3 boys this mommy was done) and I loved his jungle themed crib. THe bedding was a Christmas gift from my dad which of course he let me pick out (Thanks to his Sears card we got a pretty good deal at Kmart). I started my baby off in a bassinett then moved up to the crib.

 My baby boy was officially growing up and started trying to climb out of his crib. It did convert to a toddler bed but did not come with the extra rail which my son needed since he rolled around quite a bit. So I decided it was time to search for something else. It all started with this great fire truck bed I found on craigslist. He currently sleeps in my room but I wanted to give him something a lil special just for him. I decided on making his side of my room just for him. I'm pretty excited and hope he will love it.
Then I ran across this great ebay deal for the bedding, the only thing was that it was for twins, so I received double but that was okay just put it aside for a while.